Day: July 14, 2021

Quantum Computing

The Quantum Internet is Coming

In this episode of Mercari Gears Lecture Series, Professor Rodney van Meter of Keio University explains the history of quantum computing, its applications, and the rise of the quantum internet, in a way that makes sense for the current generation of engineers.

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Azure Power Apps

Azure Functions: Discover OpenAPI and Power Apps

Find out new and exciting ways to integrate Web API projects and Azure Functions when you describe them with OpenAPI. 

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Computer Vision Databricks

Video Analytics At Scale on Databricks

Here’s a live demo and lessons learned while building and publishing an advanced video analytics solution in the Azure Marketplace.

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Privacy Security

How to Make Your Own VPN

Watch this video on Wolfgang’s Channel about how and why to make your own VPN.

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Redis in 100 Seconds

Redis is an extremely fast in-memory database often used as a cache. It has evolved into a multi-model database with support for graphs, JSON documents, full-text search, and more. Fireship explains it all in 100 seconds.

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