Day: July 2, 2021


Edge Device Logging and Monitoring with IoT ELMS

A walkthrough over a solution that helps create a cloud workflow for collecting logs and metrics from IoT Edge devices. Check out the solution on GitHub:

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Quantum Computing

Adaptive Generalized Measurement Approach for Quantum Algorithms

Cornucopia House speaks with  Sabrina Maniscalco from the University of Helsinki and Algorithmiq Ltd. on Learning to Measure. This talk is given at the Logic, Quantum Computing, and Artificial Intelligence 2021 international online conference via Zoom, held on June 30th – July 3rd, 2021.

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PowerBI Python

Intro to Python in Power BI

Guy in a Cube shows you how you can use Python with Power BI? Patrick explores how you can do just that! Python + Power BI can be a powerful combination.

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Azure Data

New ways to get started with Azure Database for PostgreSQL | Azure Friday

Claire Giordano joins Scott Hanselman to show how the new Free account for Flexible Server & the new Basic tier for Hyperscale (Citus) in Azure Database for PostgreSQL makes it easier and cheaper to get started with Postgres on Azure. Related links: Flexible Server (Preview) documentation Tutorial: Deploy Django app with App Service and Azure […]

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Azure SQL

Track and Record Data Changes with Change Data Capture (CDC) in Azure SQL

Change data capture (CDC) records insert, update, and delete activity that applies to tables in SQL Server, Azure SQL Managed Instance or Azure SQL Databases. In this Data Exposed episode with Mara-Florina Steiu, we will cover common use cases and scenarios for CDC, discuss key technical implementation details, and try out a CDC demo.      Resources: […]

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Machine Learning MLOps

Productionalizing Machine Learning Solutions

Here’s an interesting post from the Databricks YouTube channel about productionalizing ML. At Intuit, we have deployed 100’s of Machine Learning models in production to solve various problems as below: Cash Flow forecasting Security, risk and fraud Document understanding Connect customers to right agents With so many models in production, it becomes very important to […]

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New Video Upload : Happy Friday

Happy Friday

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