Day: June 3, 2021


US Nuke Secrets Exposed, Amazon-Net Is Here

Seytonic explains the top info-sec news of the day, including one about the security of US nuclear secrets and what Amazon is up to.

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AI Quantum Computing

AI Too Dangerous To Release, Tells Creepily Good Jokes.

Pindex explores how AI and Quantum computing will upgrade your car, phone, and body.

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AI Azure Natural Language Processing

Knowledge Mining with Azure AI

Chris Seferlis shows us how all of the documents in your organization can become a rich data store with knowledge mining.

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Alexa & Friends with Neha Monga

Jeff Blankenburg interviews Neha Monga, Senior Manager for Alexa Communications in this video on the Alexa Developers YouTube channel.

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Improving IoT sensors data quality with Verified Telemetry

Customers are increasingly using sensors to collect data and use that to make critical business decisions. The quality of data drives the quality of decision and outcome. Verified Telemetry is a new capability offered as part of the Azure Edge offerings enabling customers to retro-fit the ability of measuring sensors condition, continuously, alongside the data, […]

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