Day: April 29, 2021


New Video Upload : High Impact Thursday!

High Impact Thursday!

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AI Livestream

This Week in Applied AI [Ep 8 ]: Track spending with AI

For the first time, I host ElectrifAi’s weekly livestream and talk about how companies can use AI to track and visualize spending with SpendAi., a MLaaS offering from ElectrifAi!

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Applied Nested Edge in an Industrial Environment

Learn how to apply a hierarchy of nested Edge devices at scale to an ISA-95 industrial network using best practices and Azure IoT services. In this video, watch a short demo using a physical 3-tier gateway setup showcasing how to address, control and manage the different layers of the Nested Edge environment through the cloud, […]

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Databricks Delta Change Feed

Advancing Analytics’ Simon Whitely explores the Databricks Change Feed enables CDC, or Change Data Capture, in the spark environment. Keeping track of changed records can be a hugely inefficient exercise, comparing masses of records to determine which ones have been changed by upstream events. With the delta table change feed, we can keep an efficient […]

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Research Speech and Voice

Sound Capture and Speech Enhancement for Communication and Distant Speech Recognition

Microsoft Research discusses the general architecture of speech enhancement pipelines for the needs of hands-free telecommunication and distant speech recognition. The talk will discuss both classical approaches using statistical signal processing and deep learning using neural networks. It will be illustrated with real-life examples from the speech enhancement audio pipelines in Kinect, HoloLens, and Teams.

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Hardware Interesting

Dave’s Garage HomeLab and Shop Tour

Dave from Dave’s Garage celebrates hitting 100k subscribers with a tour of his impressive home lab and shop loaded with high tech toys. I have new goals.

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