Day: April 2, 2021

Power Apps

Integrating PowerApps with .NET Web APIs

Power Apps is a low-code solution that allows you to build custom business apps that connect to business data stored in various online and on-premises data sources. If you’ve not notices, I’ve become quite fascinated with the technology. In this video, Christos learn how to add our Web APIs as connects to PowerApps. Useful Links […]

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CosmosDB Python

Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK

In this video, program managers Mark Brown and Rodrigo Souza walk you through the Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK.

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Nic Carter on Bitcoin Core Values, Layered Scaling, and Blocksize Debates

Lex Fridman interviews Nic Carter, a financial researcher, investor, writer, and podcaster on topics of decentralized finance.

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Using Python Skills To Punish Credit Card Scammers

Scammers are everywhere and thanks to modern technology they have more avenues to scam than ever before. Engineer Man fights back for all of us. Here we go again, another day, another scammer. This time a scammer decided to use a live payment processor to test validity of cards to scam. Not very smart and […]

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