Day: March 25, 2021

Reinforcement Learning

A Beginner’s Guide to Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is one of the most exciting collections of techniques for building self-learning systems. Over the past five years, we’ve seen RL successfully meet such challenges as exceeding human performance on popular video games and board games. Despite the excitement around the success of these RL agents, it has remained extraordinarily difficult for most […]

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Interesting Windows

Retrocoding the World’s Smallest Windows App in x86 ASM

Dave  from Dave’s Garage  builds the World’s Smallest Windows application live in x86 assembly using only a text editor and the command line to assemble the program using the Microsoft MASM assembler. Whether you’re a professional programmer or just curious about how assembly language works, what makes it different from machine language, and why it […]

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Proactive, Always-on Service in Dynamics 365 with Chatbots, IVA, and IoT

Microsoft Mechanics shows you how to set up a proactive and always-on service organization with Dynamics 365, from self–service automated actions using intelligent and conversational chatbots and IoT, to high touch customer agent and frontline technician support. Expert Deanna Sparks joins host Jeremy Chapman to share how to combine automation, intelligence and live personnel engagement […]

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Introduction to Bash Recap

Bash is a tool that helps you manage the files and processes running on your computer. Shells like Bash give you the power and precision to control your computer from one terminal (or windows). In this episode of Learn With Dr. G, Sarah will walk through an introduction to Bash. You’ll learn what Bash is, […]

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Quantum Computing

Introduction to Quantum Computer Systems with Fred Chong

Here’s a great first lecture on Quantum Computing by Fred Chong at University of Chicago.

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Python for Beginners Tutorial

In this step-by-step Python for beginners tutorial, Kevin Stratvert  teaches you how to get started programming in Python. In this video, I assume that you are completely new to programming. We’ll walk through how to get Python, how to run your first code, and how to get an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to help you […]

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3 ways to Reduce Data In Power BI Desktop

Sometimes you want to reduce data in Power BI Desktop so it’s easier to work with. Then work with all the data in the Power BI Service. Patrick from Guy in a Cube shows you 3 ways that can help do this without using Incremental Refresh or needing Power BI Premium.

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