Day: March 19, 2021


Azure Cosmos DB Indexing & Query Performance

In this episode, Mark Brown meets up with Program Manager Tim Sander to talk about indexing and queries in Azure Cosmos DB. Want faster queries and lower costs? Come watch this episode to learn best practices for optimal query performance in Azure Cosmos DB.

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5 Ideas to take Power BI reports to the NEXT LEVEL

Are you struggling with making good Power BI reports? Adam from Guy in a Cube  has 5 ideas to help you take your reports to the NEXT LEVEL! You don’t have to be a graphic artist to get there either.

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Azure SQL

What’s New in Azure SQL Auditing

Azure SQL Auditing recently announced two new destinations now Generally available, and a new capability called Azure SQL Auditing of Microsoft support operations. In this episode, Anna Hoffman and David Trigano will cover all these new capabilities that allow you to capture any operations done against your SQL assets on Azure at scale. Resources: Auditing […]

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black and silver solar panels

New Video Upload : Friday Stream!

Friday Stream where I share updates and thoughts on my solar power experiments. There was some great interaction with the audience, too!

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