Day: January 25, 2021


Power BI Deployment, Governance and Live Q&A with Melissa Coates

Guy in a Cube goes live with Melissa Coates as she shares some knowledge about Power BI deployment and governance followed by Q&A. Andy and I had a great conversation with Melissa on the Data Driven podcast.

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How to Connect a 7+ IoT Starter Kit to Azure IoT with NO CODE

Microsoft IoT Developers’s Olivier Bloch shares his experience with an IoT Starter kit. I was skeptical, but now stand corrected: you can connect an IoT Starter Kit designed for kids and beginners to Azure IoT Hub with no code, and it definitively is not that hard. See how that’s done with the M5Go IoT Starter […]

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists

This talk by Microsoft Research on Quantum Computing for computer scientists, is hands down the best presentation on what quantum computing means for software engineers.

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Code a Discord Bot with Python

Learn how to code a Discord bot using Python and host it for free in the cloud using Along the way, you will learn to use’s built-in database and create a Discord bot that uses webhooks to connect with GitHub. This course was developed by Beau Carnes.

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