Day: January 21, 2021

Databricks MLOps

MLOps Using MLflow

MLflow is an MLOps tool that enables data scientist to quickly productionize their Machine Learning projects. To achieve this, MLFlow has four major components which are Tracking, Projects, Models, and Registry. MLflow lets you train, reuse, and deploy models with any library and package them into reproducible steps. MLflow is designed to work with any […]

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Natural Language Processing

BERT and Applications

Alex Smola provides us with a closer look at BERT. [ Slides ]

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Machine Learning Microsoft

Easily Infer Column Schema in ML.NET with the AutoML API

Jon Wood shows us how to automatically infer your column schema in ML.NET with the AutoML API. Code –

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Top Ten Tips to Save Costs in Your Azure Environment

Managing costs is a skillset that we need to learn when managing resources in the cloud, it is a change from running your resources on-premises. Managing costs can feel a bit overwhelming but it should be a team job, folks from your IT department, Finance Department and even your senior leadership all have a role […]

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A Glimpse At The Future of Robots

Boston Dynamics is leading the development of a new generation of robots and how their 2021 unfolds may well have a big influence on the future of robotics. As we transition from narrowly capable industrial robots, to generally capable and agile robots, a new platform that could shape the future of mobility emerges. With more […]

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Azure Developer

Background Services with Azure Logic Apps & Azure Functions

In this talk by Kevin Griffin at the recent PhillyDotNet, learn about building background services with Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions. How do you handle “background tasks” in your applications? Maybe you build a cronjob or a Windows service to execute some code on a schedule? Maybe you have a background task in your […]

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Big Data Databricks

eBay’s Work on Dynamic Partition Pruning & Runtime Filter

Databricks highlights the problems eBay faced in making sure they could handle customers’ interactive SQL queries.

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