Day: January 11, 2021


Artificial Intelligence: Our Perception & Its Future

Tanmay Bakshi  interviews Gary Marcus on TechLifeSkills w/ Tanmay Ep.41

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Machine Learning

Deterministic Machine Learning with MLflow and mlf-core

Machine learning suffers from a reproducibility crisis. Deterministic machine learning is not only incredibly important for academia to verify research papers, but also for developers in enterprise scenarios. Here’s a great video on how to address this shortcoming. Due to the various reasons for non-deterministic ML, especially when GPUs are in play, I conducted several […]

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SQL Server

Live Coding T-SQL in the First Responder Kit

The one and only Brent Ozar where he writes & tests T-SQL scripts in Microsoft SQL Server on a livestream. Github repo:  

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Big Data Data

How to Design and Implement a Real-time Data Lake with Dynamically Changing Schema

Building a curated data lake on real time data is an emerging data warehouse pattern with delta. However in the real world, what we many times face ourselves with is dynamically changing schemas which pose a big challenge to incorporate without downtimes. In this presentation we will present how we built a robust streaming ETL […]

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Always Know What to Expect from Your Data

Annette Bieniusa, Co-founder of Concordant, Joins Adi Polak to discuss how Concordant leverage CRDTs for enabling multiple Edges/IoT devices to share consistent data more efficiently without relying on network connections. 

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