Day: December 22, 2020


The A to S of Azure Data Studio

With Azure Data Studio turning 3, it is maturing quite well. Azure Data Studio is a game-changer for all Data Professionals. Join Warwick Rudd as he shows you what Azure Data Studio has for Data Professionals and why it makes it easier for you to do your job.

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Developer Python

Python Microservices Web App Full Course

Using Python microservices allows you to break up your apps into smaller parts that communicate with each other. This can make it simpler to scale the application based on the traffic. Additionally, the separation of concerns makes it easier to work on just one part of the app at a time. Code: Python Microservices: […]

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Developer Microsoft

What is MSAL + Microsoft.Identity.Web

Microsoft.Identity.Web enables developers to create web apps that sign-in users and create protected Web APIs using the Microsoft identity platform. In this episode, Kyle Marsh comes on to catch with Christos about the new Microsoft.Identity.Web package for .NET developers. They go over the goals of the library and even show a quick demo of how […]

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Natural Language Processing Spark

Advanced Natural Language Processing with Apache Spark NLP

NLP is a key component in many data science systems that must understand or reason about text. This hands-on tutorial uses the open-source Spark NLP library to explore advanced NLP in Python. Spark NLP provides state-of-the-art accuracy, speed, and scalability for language understanding by delivering production-grade implementations of some of the most recent research in […]

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CodeStories South Africa: Spotlight on ComUnity

This episode was recorded at the ComUnity office in Johannesburg, South Africa in January 2020. In June of 2017, wildfires broke out in Knysna, a municipality in South Africa. In this episode of CodeStories, Seth meets with the IT manager of Knysna and the team at ComUnity.

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Career Interesting

3 Tips to Becoming a Better Presenter or Speaker

Chris Seferlis share some lessons he’s learned over the years on how to be a more engaging speaker and have more confidence in the delivery.

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Maker Solar

How to Build a 5kWh DIY Portable Power Cart Hand Truck

LithiumSolar  latest project is a rather fun portable power station built ontop a standard hand truck. This power cart packs a powerful punch with a 2.4kW inverter and a 5.0kWh battery bank. The MPPSolar inverter is an all-in-one device that also includes an MPPT solar charge controller and an AC charger. The BigBattery batteries each […]

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Interesting Mathematics

Why You Will Never Think of a Truly Random Number

Thoughty2 explores the nature of randomness and why you will never think of a truly random number and computers won’t either.

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Data Developer

How to Create Loops with Zero Coding with Excel’s Recursive Lambda

Leila Gharani explores new Excel LAMBDA Function further. [The Recursive Lambda function] allows you to create your own CUSTOM FUNCTION without any coding. In this tutorial we’ll take it to the next level and I’ll show you how you can create a RECURSIVE Lambda in Excel. This is a function that’s continuously looping through your […]

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