Day: November 17, 2020


Explaining SSDs: Form Factors, Interfaces & Technologies

Recently, I’ve been thinking about upgrading my home PC and that got me thinking about solid state drives and how they work. Fortunately, ExplainingComputers created a video on the nitty gritty details.

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A basic design pattern for image recognition
Computer Vision Neural Networks TensorFlow

A Basic Design Pattern for Image Recognition

Design patterns have been in use in the software engineering world for quite some time. A design pattern implies that there is a “best practice” for constructing and coding a model that can be reapplied across a wide range of cases, such as image classification, object detection and tracking, facial recognition, image segmentation, super resolution […]

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6 training trends to watch that "will define the workplace in 2021"
Career Covid Pandemic

6 Training Trends That “will define the workplace in 2021”

Udemy published an article on Wednesday outlining the key findings of its 2021 Workplace Learning Trends Report. The report detailed training courses that have seen a surge in demand on Udemy for Business, the company’s online learning platform. The company also analyzed organizational “learning behaviors” to identify six trends Udemy believes will “define the workplace […]

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The rising popularity of voice assistants for the home and beyond
Alexa Natural Language Processing TensorFlow

Rising Popularity of Voice Assistants for the Home and Beyond

Voice assistants were first integrated into smartphones several years ago, and consumers have become increasingly reliant on voice technology to simplify and automate the tasks in their daily lives like booking an appointment or making an online purchase. Dr. Ryan Chen, general manager of the Computing and Artificial Intelligence Technology Group at MediaTek discussed with […]

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Nvidia Researchers Introduces A Modular Primitive To Provide High-Performance Primitive Operations For Rasterization-Based Differentiable Rendering
Hardware TensorFlow

Nvidia Researchers Introduce A Modular Primitive To Provide High-Performance Primitive Operations For Rasterization-Based Differentiable Rendering

Rendering is a complex process. Its differentiation cannot be uniquely defined; thus, a straightforward integration into neural networks is impossible. Differentiable rendering (DR) constitutes a family of techniques that tackle such integration for end-to-end optimization by obtaining useful gradients of the rendering process. Nvidia and Aalto University introduce a modular primitive to provide high-performance primitive […]

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CodeStories Visits South Africa to Talk All About Accessibility

In this episode of CodeStories, Seth joins Rory to learn about Accessibility tools, and tours the Microsoft Johannesburg office. This was recorded January 2020, at the Microsoft office in Johannesburg, South Africa

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