Day: October 23, 2020


Database Design Course for Beginners

This database design course by Caleb Curry will help you understand database concepts and give you a deeper grasp of database design. Contents / Time stamps: ⌨️ (0:00:00) Introduction ⌨️ (0:03:12) What is a Database? ⌨️ (0:11:04) What is a Relational Database? ⌨️ (0:23:42) RDBMS ⌨️ (0:37:32) Introduction to SQL ⌨️ (0:44:01) Naming Conventions ⌨️ […]

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Azure Containers

How to Deploy Azure Arc Data Services Anywhere

In this episode of Data Exposed with Tolga Tekin, learn about the ability to deploy Azure Arc Data services via Kubernetes to any hardware platform. Time stamps: [00:55] What is Azure Arc [02:20] Azure data services anywhere at a glance [03:28] On-premises vs Azure [04:02] Azure Arc-enabled data services architecture [06:07] Management capabilities comparison by […]

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Data Microsoft

Properly Create Surveys with Microsoft Forms & Export to Excel

Leila Gharani shows us how to use Microsoft Forms you can collect data from different people via fillable forms that you can control from Excel. With Microsoft Forms you can easily create surveys, quizzes and polls. You can export the data to Excel to analyze and share the results with your audience. No programming is […]

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Data Space

The Role of Data in Moon Missions

Here’s an interesting look at how data played (and continues to play) in space exploration. 00:00 – Introduction and Agenda for the episode 02:49 – Setup local environment guidelines 03:56 – Setup for this project and intro to Python notebooks in VSCode 06:40 – Choosing data for analysis – NASA Lunar Rock Curation 07:51 – […]

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AI Deep Learning

Practical Deep Learning for Coders – the 11 Hours Full Course has made the Practical Deep Learning for Coders is a course from available . This course was created to make deep learning accessible to as many people as possible. The only prerequisite for this course is that you know how to code (a year of experience is enough), preferably in Python, and that […]

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