Day: September 18, 2020

Types of Problems Quantum Computing could solve
Quantum Computing

Applications of Quantum Computing

Recently, Frank was debating the applications of quantum computing with a friend. He then realize two things: it’s about more than breaking cryptography and predicting the future is hard. Oh yeah, and saving the world. This show is rated 1 Schroedinger and was originally recorded live. View the live stream here:

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Here Are The Skills One Needs For A Career In AI
AI Career

Skills Needed For A Career In AI

Job postings in the AI space have been going up consistently in the last two years, with a 46% hike between 2018-19, and a 51% hike between 2019-20. The AI & Analytics field was already in growth mode prior to the pandemic and Snowflake’s recent IPO. If you’re curious about shifting your career in this […]

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Machine Learning Microsoft

Filtering Your Data in ML.NET

Jon Wood shows us how to use the filtering methods in ML.NET to filter out any unwanted data. Related resources: Notebook – ML.NET Playlist –

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AI Azure DevOps

Getting Started with MLOps with Azure DevOps

Sascha Dittmann shows us how to get started with DevOps for Machine Learning (MLOps) on Microsoft Azure in this first in a series of videos. In the first video of this 5-part series, you’ll discover how to create an Azure DevOps project, import sample machine learning code and create a DevOps pipeline to process simple […]

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Solid State Wind Energy

Joe Scott explains how a recent paper has made some waves theorizing a way to generate wind energy with no moving parts. 

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