Day: August 26, 2020

Covid Pandemic

Are COVID Death Rates Plummeting?

Dr. John Campbell has been a lighthouse amidst of fog of COVID-19 misinformation. I’ve been watching him since mid January. Could this be good news?

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Data Science Databricks

Scaling Up AI Research to Production with PyTorch and MLFlow

PyTorch, the popular open-source ML framework, has continued to evolve rapidly since the introduction of PyTorch 1.0, which brought an accelerated workflow from research to production. In this video, take a deep dive on some of the most important new advances, including model parallel distributed training, model optimization and on device deployment as well as […]

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Neural Networks TensorFlow

Predict with a Fine-Tuned Neural Network with TensorFlow’s Keras API

In this video, Mandy from deeplizard  demonstrates how to use the fine-tuned VGG16 Keras model that we trained in the last episode to predict on images of cats and dogs in our test set. Index: 00:00 Welcome to DEEPLIZARD – Go to for learning resources 00:17 Predict with a Fine-tuned Model 05:40 Plot Predictions […]

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Quantum Computing

Building on Azure Quantum

Quantum computing continues to evolve and mature, driving real impact today for organizations around the world.  Azure Quantum enables multiple paths for developers to prepare, explore and build apps to solve their most complex problems. Hear about the latest progress as Azure Quantum reaches important release milestones and learn about new Microsoft Learn resources to […]

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