Day: August 11, 2020

The role played by Artificial Intelligence in social sector
AI TensorFlow

Artificial Intelligence for the Public Good

Artificial intelligence is already impacting our lives. What is often much less understood is the vast function synthetic brain can play in the role of the public good. The Artificial Intelligence for social good can probably assist in solving some of the country’s most pressing problems. As a count number of facts, it can contribute […]

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SQL Server

SQL Server 2019 Improves Scalar UDF Performance

Microsoft added several features to SQL Server 2019 that can improve performance without changes to code. One of these is T-SQL Scalar UDF Inlining. The use of UDFs is a red flag when tuning queries, but, in some cases, the engine will treat these as if the underlining code was added directly to the select […]

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Azure Developer

How Azure App Configuration Helps Developers Roll Out New Features

Jimmy Campbell is back to show Scott Hanselman how to use App Configuration for feature management. Traditionally, shipping a new application feature requires a complete redeployment of the application itself, and testing a feature often requires multiple deployments of the application. Now you can use feature flags in App Configuration to grant early access to […]

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Databricks Machine Learning Spark

Scalable Acceleration of XGBoost Training on Apache Spark GPU Clusters

XGBoost is one of the most popular machine learning library, and its Spark integration enables distributed training on a cluster of servers. This talk will cover the recent progress on XGBoost and its GPU acceleration via Jupyter notebooks on Databricks.  Spark XGBoost has been enhanced to training large datasets with GPUs. Training data could now […]

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AI Robotics

Russ Tedrake on Underactuated Robotics, Control, Dynamics and Touch

Lex Fridman talks to Russ Tedrake in the latest episode of his AI podcast. Russ Tedrake is a roboticist and professor at MIT and vice president of robotics research at TRI. He works on control of robots in interesting, complicated, underactuated, stochastic, difficult to model situations. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. […]

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Machine Learning

What’s new in ML.NET 1.5.1

Jon Wood provides a short video to go over some changes that were made in ML.NET version 1.5.1. 

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