Day: July 7, 2020

Data SQL Server

Big Data Clusters in a Nutshell

Join Ben Weissman and Anna Hoffman on a tour through the possibilities of Big Data Clusters (BDC). He will give a brief overview about the general architecture and components of a BDC, followed by a demo where he will integrate data from external and internal sources using the same connection for python and T-SQL, and […]

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Build a comment-critiquing keyboard adapter using TensorFlow Lite and Arduino
IoT TensorFlow

Build a Comment-Critiquing Keyboard Adapter Using TensorFlow Lite and Arduino

In case you’re looking for a practical use of AI running on devices, here’s a great project you can build. If you’ve ever left an online comment that you later regretted, this anti-troll bot will keep that from happening again by letting you know when you’re being a bit too harsh. The device — which […]

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Azure Developer

How Fidelity Investments Enabled Azure at Scale for Their Developers

Maintaining an elevated level of security and governance in regulated industries like financial services can introduce complexity and friction. Geoff Langfield from Fidelity Investments joins Scott Hanselman to show how they’re eliminating this friction by using automation to onboard their large developer community to Azure at scale. Video index: [0:00:00]- Intro [0:00:40]- Episode start [0:03:47]- […]

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Databricks Spark

Deep Dive into the New Features of Apache Spark 3.0

Databricks provides an in depth look at the new features of Spark 3.0.

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Write IF Statements Like a Pro in Power Query

Curbal shows you how to write if-statements like a pro. Contents: 00:40 if stamentent in Excel wont work 01:50 Use power query user interface to write if statement 03:00 Nested if-statements 03:38 AND/OR conditions in if statements 04:48 NOT condtition in if statements 05:20 Manage errors in if statements 06:13 Advanced if statements 08:19 Order […]

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AI Virtual Reality

Amazing AI Powered AR Effects Are Coming

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Consistent Video Depth Estimation” and why it’s a big deal for augmented reality, self-driving cars, and more.

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Azure IoT

Deep Dive: Analyzing IoT data using Time Series Insights

Here’s a deep dive into Azure Time Series Insights, a serverless, fully Managed Data Analytics Solution (PaaS) Built for IoT – TSI provides best-in-class IoT analytics platform that empowers customers across all verticals to analyze, visualize and monitor business outcomes.

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