Day: June 1, 2020

AI Podcasts

AGI Inception Podcast: Michelle Zhou from Juji

On AiRR is a new podcast that talks about a the rise of AGI, artificial general intelligence, in the context of one word. The discussions are a delight to listen to. The word is “Responsibility” Artificial General Intelligence, One of the very important principles is going to be responsibility interms of A.I. Ethics and also […]

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AI Generative AI Python

OpenAI Model Generates Python Code

OpenAI demonstrated what happens when you learn a language model on thousands of GitHub Python repositories  Yannic Kilcher talks about this code completion engine which can write an entire function from just the name. Source Clip: Full Video:

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Azure IoT

Introduction to the new Embedded C SDK for Azure IoT

In this video, get a look at the Public Preview of the new Azure SDK for Embedded C, designed to allow constrained devices to take advantage of Azure IoT services. Learn more at

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Career Data

Tips on Becoming a Solution Architect

Chris Seferlis give tips for those who are looking to become a solution architect in this helpful video. 

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Quantum AI is still years from enterprise prime time
AI Quantum Computing

Is Quantum AI Still Years from Enterprise Prime Time?

Here’s an interesting (if not pessimistic) look at the near term future of Quantum AI’s wider deployment. Quantum AI executes ML (machine learning), DL (deep learning), and other data-driven AI algorithms reasonably well. As an approach, quantum AI has moved well beyond the proof-of-concept stage. However, that is not the same as being able to […]

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