Day: May 25, 2020


Build 2020 Session Downloader

Build 2020 was last week and it delivered awesome content to over 200,000 attendees. It’s safe to say that it was a success and it makes me wonder about the future of in person big tech conferences. While we all ponder what the post-pandemic world will look like, you can enjoy all the content of […]

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Reinforcement Learning

DeepMind Made A Superhuman AI For 57 Atari Games

Two Minute Papers takes a look at the paper “Agent57: Outperforming the Atari Human Benchmark” in the following video. 

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AI Robotics

Kate Darling on Social Robotics

Lex Fridman interviews Kate Darling in this episode of the AI Show. Kate Darling is a researcher at MIT, interested in social robotics, robot ethics, and generally how technology intersects with society. She explores the emotional connection between human beings and life-like machines, which for me, is one of the most exciting topics in all […]

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