Day: May 2, 2020

Databricks DevOps Machine Learning

Databricks MLOps Virtual Event Opening Keynote

Databricks talks about the latest developments and best practices for managing the full ML lifecycle on Databricks with MLflow. Part 1: Opening Keynote and Demo MLOps and ML Platforms State of the Industry, opening Keynote with Matei Zaharia, Co-founder and CTO at Databricks and Clemens Mewald, Director of Product Management at Databricks – – […]

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Tips On Creating and Starting User Groups

Did you ever wanted to create your own User Group  but didn’t know how or where to start? Have you tried to create a UG and got overwhelmed? Dona and Sarah are here to help as they deconstruct exactly a User Group is and how to get started. To learn more, visit:

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The 1890 US Census and the History of Punchcard Computing

2020 is a census year and we take fast, actionable data analytics for granted. It wasn’t always easy or fast until the advent of a punchcards brought about by a competition. YouTube channel standupmaths explains.

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Chatbots IoT Raspberry Pi

BBQ, Bots and .NET Core

Who doesn’t appreciate good BBQ? Well, maybe some people don’t but I certainly do and that means more for me. In this video, Cam Soper comes on to show us another one of this home projects. Cam tells us the story of how a Raspberry PI, a chat bot, and a little .NET Core allows […]

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Developer Microsoft

F# 5.0

In this video, Phillip Carter shows off F# 5, which is currently in preview. He shows significant performance improvements and several new language features. Resources: F# 5 preview 1 announcement Phillip’s demo code F# 5 with Jupyter Notebooks

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