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Abel Wang is joined by Asaf Yigal to discuss streamline observability with’s open source-based Cloud Observability platform. See how the platform unifies the best breed open source monitoring tools (Kibana, Grafana, and Jaeger) on a single pane of glass for faster troubleshooting and root cause analysis. Learn about additional benefits such as’s Azure-native integration, out-of-the-box alerts, machine learning Insights and collection cost-efficiency features.

Time Index:

  • [02:54] Demo start time
  • [04:11] Grafana and Kibana correlation
  • [04:56] Create an Alert
  • [06:00] Log Patterns
  • [07:08] Jaeger Integration
  • [07:19] Insights
  • [09:37] Cost Efficiency
  • [11:08] Azure Integration

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