Day: April 16, 2020

Data Driven IoT

Stephen Leonard on STEM and the Frustration Inherent to Engineering

In this episode, Frank and Andy interview Stephen Leonard, Andy’s son, about his upcoming first SQL Saturday Talk, digital natives, engineering and STEM, and old movies like “Aliens” and “the Matrix.” Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Six jobs banks are hiring for during the virus lockdown
AI Covid Pandemic FinTech

6 Jobs that Banks are Hiring for During the COVID Lockdown

If scientists at Harvard University are to be believed, neither COVID-19 nor its associated lockdowns will pass soon. In a paper published yesterday they predicted that the disease will become a seasonal winter illness that could threaten a resurgence right through to 2024, and social distancing will be necessary until 2022. If they’re right, COVID-19 […]

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Uber claims its AI enables driverless cars to predict traffic movement with high accuracy
Autonomous Vehicles

Uber Claims Its AI Enables Driverless Cars to Predict Traffic Movement with High Accuracy

In a paper published on the preprint server this week, researchers at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) propose an AI technique to improve autonomous vehicles’ traffic movement predictions. It’s directly applicable to the driverless technologies that Uber itself is developing, which must be able to detect, track, and anticipate surrounding cars’ trajectories in order […]

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Developer Microsoft

Consuming GraphQL in C#

In this video, learn how to consume a GraphQL endpoint from a C# client, specifically an iOS + Android written in C# using Xamarin. Learn more: [02:17] – Querying a GraphQL endpoint [06:59] – Viewing the results in a Xamarin app [09:58] – Alternative programming models [11:00] – Follow up resources Useful Links DotNet […]

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AI Neural Networks

Building a Better AI than Nintendo

The other day Jabrils was playing a Nintendo game & the AI was so abysmal that he stormed to his computer & make a better one than Nintendo.

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Deep Fakes

How Can Deepfakes Be Detected?

Two Minute Papers explores the AI tech behind detecting Deep Fakes highlighted in the paper “Adversarial Deepfakes: Evaluating Vulnerability of Deepfake Detectors to Adversarial Examples.”

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Data Developer Microsoft

Entity Framework Core Part 1

In this video aimed at folks new to EF Core, Phil Japikse shows how to start with an existing SQL Server database, create entities/objects for each table and then how to perform basic CRUD operations on the data. Find the sample code here. Episode list: Part 1: Working with Existing Databases (this episode). Part 2: […]

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Covid Pandemic Interesting

What’s Inside 3M N95 Respirator Masks?

There’s a lot of talk about making masks to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus in the midst of a shortage of N-95 masks. But what’s so special about them? electronicsNmore takes a peak inside a 3M type N95 respirator mask that makes it such a successful filter for all types of particulate matter such […]

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AI Azure

Similarity and Scoring in Azure Cognitive Search

Indexing and Querying are pivotal when building the search platform. This video explains how Azure cognitive search works and how developers can add their own input to it. The focus is on explaining how information processing in search engine is divided in to indexing and querying,  important steps for both the processes, document processing, adding […]

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Azure Databricks

How to Build a Cloud Data Platform with Databricks

Databricks livestreamed this webinar on how to combine the best of data warehouses and data lakes into a simple and unified approach with Delta Lake, for improved data reliability, performance, and operations Companies look to support both business analytics and machine learning initiatives within their organization, but often face challenges with complex operations, proprietary technologies, […]

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