Day: March 4, 2020


Digital ecosystems and GE’s journey – Part 2

Mike Walker, member of Forbes Tech Council, and David Havera, Blockchain Leader at GE Aviation continue their discussion (part two of a two-part series) on digital ecosystems and GE Aviation’s journey with blockchain.  Links: GE Aviation Story Related Links: Azure Blockchain Solutions Azure Blockchain Service Azure Blockchain Workbench Azure Blockchain Tokens Azure Free Trial Azure […]

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Interesting Overview of Coronavirus

DW News has an interesting overview of the global impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus cases are down in China but rising in the West:China is reporting another drop in the number of new cases of Coronavirus infections. But the death toll in the country where the Covid-19 Coronavirus began is now nearing 3,000. Elsewhere […]

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Microsoft Natural Language Processing

Making ML.NET Predictions Within the Microsoft Bot Framework

Jon Wood shows us how to use ML.NET within the Microsoft Bot Framework to make predictions on a machine learning model. Code –

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How Exactly Does 5G work?

2020 is the year 5G will finally arrive for some, but will it live up to the hype? Part of the problem is that 5G isn’t one thing, it’s a collection of different technologies, and various cell providers are focusing on different improvements that can radically change the experience of 5G. Engadget explains. 

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Interesting Science

Your Brain and Mental Health

Here’s an interesting interview that Ed Mylett posted. Ending the stigma and idea of Mental Illness and cutting edge strategies for a healthy brain! Mental health can be a touchy subject for all of us. Whether you are enduring it personally, watching a loved one go through it, or are struggling to understand it at […]

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