Day: February 15, 2020


Python Sudoku Solver

Professor Thorsten Altenkirch demonstrates a recursive Sudoku solver.  

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Why Use Linux in 2020

Engineer Man explains why he uses (and prefers) Linux. 

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Vladimir Vapnik on Predicates, Invariants, and the Essence of Intelligence

Lex Fridman just uploaded the second part of his interview with Vladimir Vapnik. Vladimir Vapnik is the co-inventor of support vector machines, support vector clustering, VC theory, and many foundational ideas in statistical learning. He was born in the Soviet Union, worked at the Institute of Control Sciences in Moscow, then in the US, worked […]

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Design Developer

Predicting the Future of the Web Development (2020 and 2025)

At ReactiveConf 2019 Richard Feldman ponders what technologies and trends will dominate the web development in 2020 and 2025? 

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How to Build an Alexa Skill that Actually Works

Learn how to make an Alexa Skill in this programming tutorial. Understand the control flow of an Amazon Alexa application and discover how to create a voice user interface (VUI). Learn how to create a Lambda function with JavaScript, Node.js, and AWS.

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