Free Quantum Physics Full 8 Hour Course

Geek’s Lesson shares this full intro course on quantum physics.

Course Index:

  • Introduction to quantum mechanics (0:00)
  • The domain of quantum mechanics (16:21)
  • Key concepts in quantum mechanics (28:00)
  • A review of complex numbers (37:00)
  • Complex numbers examples (1:05:00)
  • Probability in quantum mechanics (1:18:00)
  • Probability distributions and their properties (1:29:00)
  • Variance of probability distributions (1:55:00)
  • Normalization of the wavefunction (2:9:00)
  • Position, velocity, and momentum from the wavefunction (2:37:00)
  • Introduction to the uncertainty principle (3:04:00)
  • Key concepts of QM, revisited (3:17:00)
  • Separation of variables and the Schrodinger equation (3:31:00)
  • Stationary solutions to the Schrodinger equation (4:03:00)
  • Superposition of stationary states (4:23:00)
  • Potential functions in the Schrodinger equation (4:54:00)
  • Infinite square well (particle in a box) (5:16:00)
  • Infinite square well states, orthogonality and completeness (Fourier series) (5:37:00)
  • Infinite square well example computations and simulation
  • Quantum harmonic oscillator via ladder operators
  • Quantum harmonic oscillator via power series
  • Free particles and the Schrodinger equation
  • Free particle wave packets and stationary states
  • Free particle wave packet example


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