Day: January 9, 2020

Developer Quantum Computing

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit: Introduction and Step-by-Step Demo

Krysta Svore, principal researcher at Microsoft, demonstrates the new Microsoft Quantum Development Kit. The Quantum Development Kit makes it easy for you to start experimenting with quantum computing now and includes: · A native, quantum-focused programming language called Q# · Local and Azure-hosted simulators for you to test your Q# solution · And sample Q# […]

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What Can You Do with Python?

Recently in a meeting, it came up that Python’s main advantage over R was that Python is multi-domain. In other words, Python can be used for web development, IoT devices, and a host of other uses beyond AI. CS Dojo examines some of these uses and more.

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Developer Interesting

A Deeper Look into Regular Expressions

Computerphile has Professor Brailsford explain regular expressions.  

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Azure SQL Server

Deployment Options for Azure SQL Database

Learn more about the deployment options for Azure SQL Database.  More information. [00:00] – Introduction [00:41] – Deployment options in Azure SQL Database, including elastic pool, single database and Managed Instance [03:33] – DTU service tiers (Basic, Standard, Premium) [07:08] – vCore service tiers (General Purpose, Hyperscale, Business Critical) [08:08] – General Purpose tier: Provisioned […]

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Data Science Machine Learning

What Can NFL Team Loyalties Teach Us About Linear Regression

In this LinkedIn Live session, I noticed an interesting pattern of NFL team merchandise that acted as an indicator of where in the state was more “Baltimore” or more “DC.”

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8 Hour Azure Tutorial For Beginners

edureka! has posted this amazing eight hour tutorial for Azure to help beginners. See the time index below the video to jump to a particular topic. 3:02 Why Cloud? 3:07 Before Cloud Computing 6:17 What is Cloud? 8:07 What is Cloud Computing? 8:42 Service Models 9:32 SaaS 10:17 PaaS 10:37 IaaS 11:17 Deployment Models 11:27 […]

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AI Azure

Live from Azure Data Fest Philly

In this Data Point, Frank is live at Azure Data Fest Philly Winter 2020 and talks about LinkedIn Live. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Developer Microsoft

Introduction to Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

Learn what LINQ is, where you can explore LINQ syntax on your own, and how LINQ makes it easy to query any data source. Download the sample code and run these samples using the Try.NET interactive experience:

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AI Robotics

Meet Ballie, an AI Robot for Your Home

Imagine what would happen if you combined a tennis ball with Alexa. That’s is more or less describes “Ballie” – a  Amazon Echo/Google Mini type device that acts like a robotic pet.

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Interview of Creator of Python Programming Language, Guido van Rossum

OxfordUnion interviews Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer and the author of the programming language Python. Python was first released in 1991 and is now one of the world’s most popular coding languages. Van Rossum was the language’s Benevolent Dictator for Life until 2018, and now sits on the Python Steering Council. He has also […]

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