Day: October 17, 2019

Quantum Computing Science

How To Make a Quantum Bit

Veritasium  explains how to make a quantum bit, or qubit. How do you put it in a state where it is stable? How do you read and write information on it?

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Understand Calculus in 10 Minutes

TabletClass has a video to introduce calculus concepts for all math students and make the topic easy to understand.

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Quantum Computing

Did Google Just Achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

Seeker examines a leaked paper from Google claimed that a quantum computer demonstrated “quantum supremacy.” But what does that mean exactly? Quantum computers’ potential and the advantages they promise over classical computers all remain largely theoretical, and hypothetically speaking, it is predicted that quantum computers will be able to solve problems that are beyond the […]

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Case of the Unexplained Date in PowerBI

Guy in a Cube’s Adam looks at why the LastDate DAX function is returning the wrong date within Power BI Desktop. Breaking down a twitter conversation. Download files used in video:

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Azure Data

It’s just SQL: Native Backup and Restore

Come see how easy it is to restore an existing SQL Database to Azure SQL Managed Instance. More information:

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