Day: October 2, 2019

Azure DevOps Machine Learning

MLOps for Managing End to End AI Lifecycle with Azure ML

MLOps (also known as DevOps for machine learning) is the practice of collaboration and communication between data scientists and DevOps professionals to help manage the production machine learning (ML) lifecycle. Azure Machine Learning service’s MLOps capabilities provide customers with asset management and orchestration services which enable effective ML lifecycle management. Learn more about MLOps:

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AI Security

Defense Against Adversarial Attacks

Siraj Raval just posted this video on defending AI against adversarial attacks Machine Learning technology isn’t perfect, it’s vulnerable to many different types of attacks! In this episode, I’ll explain 2 common types of attacks and 2 common types of defenses using various code demos from across the Web. There’s some really dope mathematics involved […]

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AI Science

A Calculus for Brain Computation

Microsoft Research explores how the brains beget the mind. How do molecules, cells, and synapses effect reasoning, intelligence, language, science? Despite dazzling progress in experimental neuroscience we do not seem to be making progress in the overarching question — the gap is huge and a completely new approach seems to be required. As Richard Axel […]

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Generative AI Natural Language Processing

OpenAI’s GPT-2 Text Generator

Two Minute Papers explores OpenAI’s GPT2 Check out this GPT-2 implementation too (thanks Robert Miles for the link!) – write something, then tab, enter, tab, enter and so on: OpenAI’s post: source:

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