Day: July 29, 2019

Azure Data IoT

Solving Business Problems at Scale with IoT and Context Data

Enterprises nowadays are looking for ways to become more efficient by utilizing IoT to minimize safety incidents and maximize the lifespan of their assets. In this episode of the IoT Show, explore a real-life scenario from process manufacturing. Read about IoT in Process Manufacturing: Experiment with the Azure IoT Edge LoRaWAN starter kit: […]

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

The Self-Driving Car Capital Of The World

BBC Click takes a trip to Arizona, the self-driving car capital of the world, to see how the technology works and how sometimes it does not work with tragic consequences.

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Business Data Driven Economics of AI

Here’s a Retailer that Knows How to Compete in the Amazon World

In the post-Amazon economy, all brick and mortar retailers are struggling. Some have outright failed and others on the brink. However, there are a few outliers that refuse to go down without a fight and are actually innovating.In this DataPoint, Frank notes one that has actually turned physical location to its advantage by helping Amazon […]

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AI Future Science

A Glimpse of Our Neuralink Future

Siraj Raval weighs in on Elon Musk’s recent NeuraLink announcement.

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