Day: June 20, 2019

Deep Fakes Generative AI

Fake Videos of Real People — and How to Spot Them

In this TED talk, Supasorn Suwajanakorn talks about the more positive outcomes of deep fake technology.

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Five Things You Didn’t Know Python Could Do

Here are five things on Python, courtesy of Nina Zakharenko, that you didn’t know that Python can do. Links: Nina Zakharenko on Twitter Concordia Station Jupyter Notebooks Super Potato Bruh game Home Assistant Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

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Developer Javascript

Adopting Typescript at Scale

I’ve always been fascinated by the reaction many JavaScript developers have to TypeScript. Many love it and many dislike it. The goal of TypeScript was to bring the order and type integrity found in languages like C# and Java, which makes building large, complex systems much easier. Others dislike it because it alters the anarchistic […]

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Big Data CosmosDB Spark

Real-time Analytics with Azure Cosmos DB and Apache Spark

In this session from Build 2019, learn how to use the new Spark API feature integration that allows Spark to fully take advantage of Cosmos DB to run real-time analytics directly on petabytes of operational data.

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GameDev Gaming

Elon Musk and Bethesda’s Todd Howard at E3 2019

Two of our era’s most brilliant and eccentric minds meet at E3 2019 in this somewhat improbable conversation.

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