Day: May 23, 2019

Business Gadgets

Inside The First-Ever Tesla Race Car

Electric Production Car Series is an upcoming racing championship featuring the world’s first Tesla race car. The car used for the series is a Model S P100D that has been optimized for competing. Electric GT, the series’ owner, continues working and planning for the championship’s inaugural season.

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Multithreading In Python

This Edureka Live video on ‘Multithreading in Python” will help you understand the concept of threading in python. Below are the topics covered in this live video:

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AI Hardware IoT

Shenzhen: People’s Republic of The Future

Shenzhen may well be the most fascinating city in the world. It makes the majority of our electronics. It clones the best technology Silicon Valley has to offer with ease. And, lately, Shenzhen buzzes with new ideas and an unrivaled energy that ensure it will play a major role in shaping our collective futures.

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The Science of Distraction

The Wall Street Journal has a great video explaining why your smartphone is ruining your ability to focus.

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