Day: May 9, 2019

Why DeepMind AlphaGo Zero is a game changer for AI research?
Reinforcement Learning TensorFlow

Why DeepMind AlphaGo Zero is a Game Changer for AI research?

It amazes me how many people have heard about AlphaGo, but not about AlphaGo Zero.  In the future, I predict that we will look back on AlphaGo Zero as the watershed moment in AI development. Here’s a great over of AlphaGo Zero and the techniques behind it. AlphaGo Zero is able to achieve all this […]

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Azure IoT

Introduction to IoT Plug and Play

In this video, learn about the recently announced IoT Plug and Play, which is based on an open modeling language that allows IoT devices to declare their capabilities.  That declaration, which is called a Device Capability Model, is then presented when IoT devices connect to cloud solutions like Azure IoT Central and Partner Solutions which […]

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AI Computer Vision Generative AI

DeepMind’s AI Learned a Better Understanding of 3D Scenes

Two Minute Papers takes a look at DeepMind’s recent paper on understanding 3D scenes. Watch the video to find out why this a big deal.

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Machine learning algorithms explained
Machine Learning

Machine Learning Algorithms Explained

Here’s a great review of the most common machine learning algorithms by InfoWorld. Recall that machine learning is a class of methods for automatically creating predictive models from data. Machine learning algorithms are the engines of machine learning, meaning it is the algorithms that turn a data set into a model. Which kind of algorithm […]

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AI Azure Microsoft

Build 2019 Live Stream – Day 2

Here’s the entire live stream from the second day of Build 2019, over 9 hours of awesome content! Day 1 is here and all Build 2019 posts are available here.

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Microsoft Windows

Deep Dive into the New Windows Subsystem for Linux Architecture

Here’s a session from the Build 2019 conference that takes a deep dive into the new Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) architecture.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning with ML.NET 1.0 from Build 2019

ML.NET is a free, cross-platform and open source machine learning framework designed to bring the power of machine learning (ML) into .NET applications. Live from Build 2019, we are joined by Cesar De La Torre Llorente who gives us a great overview of what the goals of ML.NET are, and shares with us some of […]

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AI Data Driven Economics of AI

Why We Need to Prepare Communities for the Future of Work

In this episode, Frank and Andy talk to an economist about what the future holds for the future of work in the age of automation and where in the past we can find successful models of community led training. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Data analytics, hybrid cloud & stream processing: enablers for an AI-led enterprise
AI Business Data

How Do Enterprises Become AI-Ready?

As businesses rush to become more data driven and leverage AI to better serve customers and be more competitive, enterprises are quickly learning that the way to AI readiness leads straight to the cloud. Here’s an interesting article on the state of AI-readiness, sometimes called digital transformation. But how do companies step up their infrastructure […]

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