Day: May 3, 2019

What Are Variables And Data Types In Python?
Data Science Python

What Are Variables And Data Types In Python?

Recently, I have been working with and writing about R. As a way to keep my Python skills sharp (and sanity!), I read this article — a great post on on variables and data types in Python. Fundamental concepts are the foundation of any programming language and hence in this blog we will learn the […]

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Data Science Pandas Python

Learn Pandas in 10 Minutes

YouTuber Python Programmer has a python pandas tutorial that draws inspiration from the  Pandas tutorial. Pandas is an excellent python module and is essential for Data Science work. It’s designed for cleaning and analyzing data. Watch this tutorial to learn how to use it.

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Art Exploration with AI

Just over two years ago, The Met launched an Open Access Program seeking to make the images and data of public-domain works in the museum’s collection available under an open data promise.  The program fills an important role in The Met’s mission to broaden global reach by making the museum’s collection one of the most […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Oriol Vinyals on DeepMind AlphaStar, StarCraft, and Language

In this video, Lex Fridman interviews Oriol Vinyals, a senior research scientist at Google DeepMind. From the video description: Before that he was at Google Brain and Berkeley. His research has been cited over 39,000 times. He is one of the most brilliant and impactful minds in the field of deep learning. He is behind […]

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Azure Machine Learning

Time Series Forecasting with Azure Machine Learning

This video shows how to build, train and deploy a time series forecasting solution with Azure Machine Learning. You are guided through every step of the modeling process including: Set up your development environment Access and examine the data Train using an Automated Machine Learning Explore the results Register and access your time series forecasting […]

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Future Science

A Tour Inside Tesla’s First Gigafactory

CNBC gets an exclusive tour of Tesla’s first Gigafactory. It’s interesting to note how many robots are part of the factory. I really want a Powerwall, now.

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High-Level APIs in TensorFlow 2.0

TensorFlow’s high-level APIs help you through each stage of your model-building process. On this episode of TensorFlow Meets, Laurence Moroney talks with TensorFlow Engineering Manager Karmel Allison about how TF 2.0 will make building models much easier.

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Data Science Databricks

Scala Programming Tutorial for Beginners Webinar

Here’s a livestream for anyone interested in learning Scala.

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7 Indicators Of The State-Of-Artificial Intelligence (AI), April 2019
AI Economics of AI

7 Indicators of the State-Of-Artificial Intelligence Deployment

Here’s an interesting look at how far enterprises are planning to go with AI. 62% of organizations are using automation to eliminate transactional work and replace repetitive tasks, 47% are also augmenting existing work practices to improve productivity, and 36% are “reimagining work;” 84% said that automation would require reskilling and reported that they are […]

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Quantum Computing Security

How Quantum Computers Break Encryption

Here’s a great explanation of Shor’s Algorithm and how quantum computing could alter encryption forever.

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