Day: February 20, 2019

Big Data Future Science

Storing Data in DNA

BBC Click has look at what could be the future of data storage: DNA. They also cover some interesting work in voice recognition.

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Azure Blockchain

Blockchain Based Registries

Registries are used in every industry and in multiple scenarios. Blockchain-based registries that are shared, immutable and cryptographically secure serve an important need, but it’s not often apparent how to write these sort of contracts. In this episode we review a blockchain devkit accelerator that can help generate the contracts from simple JSON based descriptions.      […]

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AI Data Science Machine Learning

A Step-by-Step Look at Gradient Descent

Gradient Descent is the workhorse behind much of Machine Learning. When you fit a machine learning method to a training dataset, you’re almost certainly using Gradient Descent. The process can optimize parameters in a wide variety of settings. Since it’s so fundamental to Machine Learning, Josh Starmer of StatQuest decided to make a “step-by-step” video […]

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Autonomous Vehicles

Will Self-Driving Cars Will Deliver Amazon Goods?

Here’s an interesting look at how autonomous vehicles will change that last mile of logistics in this interview with Aurora CEO Chris Urmson.

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Autonomous Vehicles Reinforcement Learning

AI Learns to DRIVE

Code Bullet experiments with a brand new (form him) algorithm, QLearning, and teaches an AI how to drive.

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Azure IoT

Third Party Azure IoT Solution Accelerators

Leverage partner built, open sourced, Solution Accelerators to expedite your IoT solution development. Several Microsoft partners have developed solutions ranging from edge video analytics, to digital signage, to remote well monitoring for oil and gas. These are published under our partner’s GitHub repositories and free for anyone to use, rebrand, or even resell. Visit the […]

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