Day: December 19, 2018

Business Machine Learning

Andrew Ng on Building a Career in Machine Learning

The one and only Andrew Ng offers career advice for those interested in machine learning in this interview by ACM.

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CosmosDB Data

MongoDB in Five Minutes

MongoDB’s CTO and Co-Founder, Eliot Horowitz, provides a comprehensive introduction to MongoDB in under 5 minutes. In this video, he walks through how the document model differs from a relational database, and how MongoDB’s distributed approach guarantees elastic scalability and always-on availability. If you watch this are concerned about the future of RDBMS databases, don’t […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

Can AI Tell Stories?

Storytelling is at the heart of human nature and Natural Language Processing is a field that is driving a revolution in the computer-human interaction. That is what makes AI Pix2Story so fascinating. Watch and see see how to teach an AI to be creative, be inspired by a picture and take it to another level. […]

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Interesting Startups

What Will Technology Do to the Real Estate Industry

Alex Rampell, a16z general partner, explains how as consumers get used to less friction and more transparency in the age of mobile, software is finally beginning to disrupt buying a home — from discovery to purchase to finance and more.  Including even disrupting the nature of home ownership itself.

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Big Data Spark

A Closer Look at Apache Spark

ComputerPhile has a great video where Rebecca Tickle explains the inner workings of Apache Spark and what makes it better than MapReduce. As an added bonus, she uses Scala in the demo. It’s also interesting to note that she used Spark in her day job pulling IoT data from trucks (“Lorries”). 

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