HireVue‘s AI technology allows companies to sort and grade video job applicants in a completely automated fashion.

Ironically, companies are actively taking humans out of the hiring process, at least the initial stages. Can we still call it HR, if there are no humans in it? Winking smile

If you’re looking for a practical application of AI and predictive analytics, then look no further than your sales process.  Not only will it get the attention of leadership of your company, it also has serious potential to boost your bottom line. And it’s better your firm gets into it before your competition does.

Here’s a great article highlighting four simple tactics to make your company’s sales team driven by predictive analytics.


Interpreting what neural networks are doing is a tricky problem. In fact, they are often referred to as a “black box.”

In this video Arxiv dives into the approach of feature visualization. From simple neuron excitation to the Deep Visualization Toolbox and the Google DeepDream project.

Watch to open up that black box!