Day: July 12, 2018

Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning

How AlphaGo Zero Taught Itself to Be a Go Master

First, AlphaGo beat the best human player in the world by studying thousands of human vs. human games. Then AlphaGo Zero came along and taught itself to be even better without any human generated data. By the way, it beat AlphaGo. This is the power of Reinforcement Learning.

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Computer Vision Deep Learning

DeepMind’s AI Learns To See

Here’s another great Two Minute Papers video on DeepMind’s venture into computer vision.

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Five Things About React Components

While the bulk of the content on Frank’s World has been about data science, it’s important not to lose sight of other important topics. React is just one such important topic. Here’s a video with John Papa where he talks to Brandy Morgan about Five Things to learn about react components.

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Why are Computers Bad at Algebra?

Just because computers can perform calculations quickly doesn’t mean that they are perfect.

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AI Deep Learning Neural Networks

Backpropagation Explained in a Song

What is back propagation, you ask? Well, it’s our old friend gradient descent’s new name when it is applied to neural networks. If that explanation doesn’t work for you, then check out this video, where Siraj Raval explains back propagation in a way only he can: in song. Best of all, aside from the sick beats, […]

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