Content moderation is the process of monitoring for possible offensive, undesirable, and risque content.

Content Moderator, a Cognitive Services product, combines machine-assisted content moderation APIs and human review tool for images, text, and videos into a complete content moderation solution. In this episode, we will get an overview of Content Moderator and learn about its video moderation capabilities.

In this video, learn about the API and the human review capabilities in Content Moderator.

My former business partner and all around awesome person, Kim Schmidt, is coming out with new book titled, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics on AWS. In this interview with Bright Ideas, she talks about her idea that describes a novel approach to how companies can become more intelligent by using Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Web Services.


In this video, Patrick from Guy in a Cube looks at Power BI Row-Level Security And where to filter.

He found that, after applying dynamic security, customers showed up in a slicer when they should not have. Challenge accepted! He walks through Power BI Desktop to show how he fixed his Row-Level Security problem.

Using the example of the Conference Buddy chatbot, discover the key ingredients needed to develop an intelligent chatbot with Microsoft AI – one that helps the attendees at a conference interact with speakers in a unique way.

Sample code:

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If my previous post on debugging in TensorBoard piqued your interest, then watch this demo of the TensorFlow Debugger for a deeper look.

If you missed the post, the TensorFlow Debugger is an interactive web GUI for controlling the execution of TensorFlow models, setting breakpoints, stepping through graph nodes, watching tensors flow in real-time, and pinpointing problems down to the tiniest NaN.

This now comes included with TensorBoard via its open plugin API.