Artificial Intelligence has transformed vision technology! Carl and Richard talk to Tim Huckaby about his latest work with vision systems for retail, security and more. Tim talks about how AI has fundamentally changed the way you implement vision systems, taking away many of the limitations on number of people tracked, object and face recognition and so on. The conversation digs into the demonstration done at the Build conference for using regular security cameras to implement a real-time safety tracking system on a construction site – aspirational, but coming soon! And of course, there’s a long conversation about privacy. What is fair, reasonable and wise?

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Show Notes

Yes, Andy and I are still alive and we’re doing well.

2018 has started off like gangbusters for us both. Andy is going full bore in his consulting business and I’ve been big into Big Data, between delivering five online courses on Hadoop for WintellectNOW.

There is a new episode in the hopper and it will be out soon.

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On that note, here’s a little ear worm for you:

Scott Hanselman talks to Kirill Gavrylyuk  to find out what’s new in Azure Cosmos DB, such as the Cassandra API for applications that are written for Apache Cassandra, updates to the Azure Table storage API, the Apache Spark Connector, the Graph API, partitioned collections, 99.999% (five 9s) SLA, and more.



Siraj Raval has a great talk on genetic algorithms and neuroevolutionary strategies offer us a way to replicate the process of natural selection en silico.  (Bonus points for the Latin usage, Siraj!)

Google already uses self-creating AI as part of its AutoML service that finds the best model for customers.