Day: September 19, 2017


JSON in Python

Socratica has a great video on how to use JSON in Python. Not only is the content great, but I see that I am not the only developer who loves VFX.

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Life Hacks

Pomodoro Technique

If you’re a software developer, data scientist, or anyone that requires focus for work, then you know the destructive power of distractions.  Or do you? Distractions eat away at you slowly. They just don’t keep you from focusing, left unchecked they actually destroy your ability to focus. Focus is an incredibly powerful skill to have […]

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Big Data Data Science Python

Map, Filter, and Reduce Functions in Python

The map, filter, and reduce functions in Python simplify the job of working with lists. In this lesson, learn how to use each function.

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Data Science

Astrophysics to Data Science

Kathryn Harris explains her transition from academia as an astrophysicist to private industry as a data scientist.

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Gadgets IoT Maker Solar

Solar Powered WiFi

Crosstalk Solutions experiments with running a NanoStation wireless bridge off of a small solar panel array. Very cool.

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AI Deepmind Google

Intro to DeepMind

From GDD Europe ’17, Juan Silveira gives an overview of the work DeepMind has been doing.

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PowerBI R

Embed R in Power BI

In this video from the Power BI team,, learn how to do data wrangling, apply Machine learning algorithms on available dataset, and shows R visuals in Power BI.

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