Daily Archive: August 1, 2017


Douglas Crockford on the Post JavaScript Apocalypse

In this talk, Douglas Crockford speculates about the next language after JavaScript, and what to do in the mean time about some of the new features in ES6. There will be an emphasis on simplicity and quality. The web is cluttered and full of errors.


Pushing the Boundaries of What Web Apps Can Do

Steve Sanderson shows us the power of what browser-based apps can do in this talk from NDC Olso entitled, “Web Apps can’t really do *that*, can they?” As a former Silverlight/WPF/Smart Client developer, it truly amazes me what can be done in browser.


Private AIs Secure Your Data While Leveraging the Cloud

Privacy concerns about exposing consumer and enterprise data (ie. private health, financial data) with machine learning services running in the cloud. Recent developments in cryptography provide tools to build and enable “Private AI,” including private predictive services that do not expose user data to the model owner, and that also...