Daily Archive: May 8, 2017


Three Things I’d Like to See This Week at Build

This week, the geeks are gathering in Redmond for another Build conference. Since the Build moniker took over from the PDC brand, I had been a Microsoft employee.  And, as a Microsoft employee, we had certain limitations around what we could and could not announce around Build. As I am...


How to Learn from Little Data

These days, the world is awash in data. There’s no shortage of it.  However, sometimes you don’t have all the data you need to glean any insight out of. But all hope is not lost: enter meta-learning. Here’s an interesting look at meta-learning and how to learn from a shortage...


Using Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing

Using deep learning in natural language processing (NLP): explaining Google’s Neural Machine Translation Recent advancements in NLP use deep learning to improve performance. In September 2016, Google announced that Google Translate will shift from phrase-based to neural machine translation. This talk explains the motivations and the algorithms behind the move.