Daily Archive: April 7, 2017


Machine Learning: Testing and Error Metrics

Here’s gentle introduction to the process of evaluating and improving machine learning models. The video covers the following: Training, Testing Evaluation Metrics: Accuracy, Precision, Recall, F1 Score Types of Errors: Overfitting and Underfitting Cross Validation and K-fold Cross Validation Model Evaluation Graphs Grid Search


The Art of Data Science

No doubt, you’ve heard that about how the world is awash in data.  Data is a commodity and insight is the value added product. But can it be art? Kirell Benzi shows off some of his art work that not only visualizes data, but also makes for great art.


Predicting Content Demand with Machine Learning

Netflix is famous for its data-driven recommendations that customize the user experience for every subscriber. However, Netflix does a lot more with data science than that.  They optimize streaming and content caching to informing decisions about the TV shows and films available on the service. This talk covers Dr Becky...