Daily Archive: March 16, 2017

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Introduction to Amazon Machine Learning

Here’s another interesting video explaining the basics of Machine Learning on AWS.  While the video is specific to AWS, the basic principles and math apply to all machine learning platforms. For a more in depth look at ML on AWS, check this video out.

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Free Azure Data Lake Training

Saveen Reddy and Nishant Thacker lead this 6 hour free Microsoft Virtual Academy course on Azure Data Lake. From the session abstract: Take a look through the lens of its three pillars—any data, developers, and enterprise ready—and go in-depth to see how security is deeply embedded into all facets of...

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How IBM Watson Works

Here’s an interesting video explaining IBM Watson.  While the video is specific to IBM’s AI solution, the basics apply to any machine learning or data crunching systems.

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8 Amazing Uses of VR That Will Blow Your Mind

I’ve long been a fan of VR and have weathered through the many false starts through the years.  From VRML to Adobe Atmosphere, I’ve been on this bus before. However, this time there’s a difference and, no, it’s not the obvious improvements in processing power and lower costs. This time,...