Daily Archive: March 15, 2017

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Happy Birthday .NET!

Visual Studio Team Interviews sits down with Richard Campbell and Dee Dee Walsh,who was one of the original Developer Relations and Community person starting before Visual Studio!  Dee Dee was most famously known for her Geekfest parties and helped foster the Microsoft developer community and MVP program. Her work inspired...

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Carol Nichols on Why Rust is Awesome

Carol Nichols, a web developer, shares why her current language of choice is Rust. See why this new systems programming language that provides memory safety, static typing, no null pointers, a package manager, and Windows support is exciting and innovative.

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Global Creativity Gap Infographic

Creativity has always been important, but the skill seems to take on an even more critical role in our information age. Here’s an infographic explaining where we are falling short in this space. [found via Jesus Minguez]

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Humans Need Not Apply?

Here’s a thought provoking video on the future of work in the coming age of AI and Machine Learning. Will there even be a role for humans in the workforce of the (near) future.

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Q&A with Sebastian Thrun for March 2017

Sebastian Thrun, father of the self-driving car, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford University, discusses Artificial Intelligence with students of Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree. It’s a great chance to pick the brain of one of the leading minds in AI, plus he...