Daily Archive: February 15, 2017


FINRA in the Cloud

Recently, I was talking with someone about the largest AWS customers.  FINRA is second only to Netflix in terms. Who’s FINRA and what are they doing on AWS? Watch the video to find out.


How To Convert WiFi to Wired Internet

Did you need to create a wireless network bridge? Sure, you can buy one, but where’s the fun in that? Here’s a handy DIY guide to re-purpose an old router to do the trick.


K-means and Image Segmentation

In this Computerphile video, Dr Mike Pound explains how K-means sorts data based on averages.  Useful walk-through of the concept in case my previous post didn’t do it for you.


How K-Means Clustering Works

K-means clustering is an important tools in data analytics.  It’s actually quite easy once you see it in action. The K-means algorithm starts by placing K points (centroids) at random locations in space. We then perform the following steps iteratively: for each instance, we assign it to a cluster with...


Data Scientist Infographic

Data Science still is in its infancy as a distinct discipline and there’s many ways to define exactly what makes a data scientist a data scientist. Here’s a helpful infographic that comes pretty close to summing up the field as it exists today. [found via Twitter]