Daily Archive: February 9, 2017

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The Art of Data Visualization

Humans have an innate ability to rapidly process visual information.  These skills date far back in our evolutionary lineage. Since the advent of science, humans have employed intricate visual strategies to communicate data. Here’s an interesting video about the Art (and Science) of Data Visualization.

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How to Predict Music You Love with AI

In this video, Siraj Raval goes live on air to build music recommendation systems in Python. He goes through popularity based, item-item collaborative, and user-item collaborative. Then he touches on the bleeding edge in deep learning at the end. Also freestyle rap. Twice. And he does this live. Much Respect.

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Machine Reading with Word Vectors

The pace of innovation in the AI and Machine Learning space is nothing short of remarkable. Machines can now write movie scripts, see things, drive cars, and know if you’re looking at the road or not. Now, they can read books. Martin Jaggi goes through this in detail in the...

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Noah Iliinsky on Designing Data Visualizations

In this LinkedIn tech talk, Noah Iliinsky talks about lays out a great framework for how to determine what question you are actually trying to answer, what data you need (and what you don’t) in order to answer that question, and the steps to take through effective visualization to convey...

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Data Visualization for Non-Programmers

Here’s an interesting presentation at the Harvard i-lab by William Beutler and Jenny Karn about data visualization for non-programming crowd. If you count yourself among the programmer set, don’t worry, there are some really great points made in the presentation about the evolution of human perception and its continuing impact...