Daily Archive: February 8, 2017

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Data Visualization, Hip-Hop, and Grey Poupon

Data analytics can be applied to anything and I mean anything. Here’s an interesting analysis and exploration of hip-hop music references to Grey Poupon. Along the way, you’ll see some interesting data visualizations and hear some good music.

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SQL tools for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows

Sanjay Nagamangalam is a Principal PM in the SQL Server engineering group focusing on the tooling aspect for SQL Server. In this video interview, he talks about all the tooling being done for the different platforms.

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Best Practices for Data Visualization

The original context for this presentation is assisting professors by explaining best practices in data visualization for class assignments. However, the fundamentals here apply to a much wider audience and uses.

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Cleaner Code with Less Coding

Mikaël Mayer, a PhD candidate of the IC School at EPFL, is researching how to generate clean source codes out of interactions with a Powerpoint-like interface.