Monthly Archive: February 2017

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An Animated History of Writing

YouTube is an amazing gift to human knowledge. Embedded with the cat videos, angst-ridden teens, and meme tomfoolery, there are educational videos. Including this one about the history of writing that inspired my son to create a science project on the history of the alphabet. Below is the animated documentary...

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What is CloudBleed?

In case you haven’t already heard about the CloudBleed bug and the risks thereof, stop what you’re doing and watch this video from Hak5. Also, if you write code and still use SHA-1, then stop. Right now.

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How Green Screen Worked Before Computers

Did you ever wonder how green screens (better known in the past as compositing) worked before computers? In this video, Tom Scott takes you back to a time before After Effects.

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Introduction to Quantum Computing

By now, you may have heard of quantum computing.  In this Channel9 video watch Ilyas Khan talk about the core concepts of quantum computing. Ilyas is the Founder and CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQC”). CQC is the world’s leading independent quantum algorithm developer and also has a strong focus...

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Bayesian Network Modeling using R and Python

More and more Bayesian Networks (BN) are being applied for real-world data problems. BNs provide the much desired complexity in representing the uncertainty of the predicted results of a model. The networks are easy to follow and better understand the relationships of the attributes of the dataset. As part of...