Connecting a TriCaster to Facebook Live Video

You may have noticed that today’s edition of Frank’s World TV Live had higher production values than usual.

The secret? A TriCaster Mini.

Even if you’ve not gone through the TriCaster training materials, it’s fairly straightforward.


Part 1: Set Up Facebook

The first step is to go to the Live stream settings in Facebook.  In a browser, go to your Video Library and click the Live Button.


That will bring up the following dialog box.  For our purposes, were going to want the to use the Separate Fields, specifically the values in the Server URL and Stream Key fields.

The Server URL ought to be fairly static and be rtmp://

The Stream Key should remain secret and, for security reasons, changes often.


It’s worth repeating and highlighting the importance of the Stream Key.

Keep the Stream Key secret. Anyone can use them to stream video to your post. This stream key is valid for 24 hours. Once you preview the video, you have up to 4 hours to go live. If you need more time, create a new stream key closer to the time.

Click Preview and the following dialog should appear


Since you’re not streaming anything yet, your stream will show as Offline.

Now let’s get the TriCaster setup.

Part 2: Setting up the TriCaster

Open up the Live Stream app on the TriCaster. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the gear icon next to the Stream button.


In the drop down, choose Create New stream server, enter the Server URL from Part 1 (rtmp:// into the Address field and the Stream Key into the Stream ID field.

Make sure that Flash Server (or RTMP) is chosen as the protocol.


Give these settings a meaningful name and click the Stream Button to start streaming.

Don’t worry, you’re not going live just yet.

Wait about 30 seconds and the Create Live Video dialog should show a preview of what your broadcasting. Edit all the metadata about the event.

When you’re ready to go live, click Go Live.

And that’s it!

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8 Responses

  1. wei yun says:

    hi, I’m trying to do Facebook live video. but it keep saying “could not write header for output file #0 (incorrect code parameters?): unknown occurred” may i know how to solve it? thanks

  2. Rudson says:

    Fiz todo processo acima descrito e continuo como desconectado.

  3. Rudson says:

    I have done all the above described process and continue as disconnected.

  4. Brad says:

    I followed this tutorial but I every time I try, the preview window just show the stream is offline no matter how long I wait. I don’t get any sort of error from the Tricaster that the configuration is wrong. I also noticed that you don’t give a username or password, are those not necessary to start the stream? I’m just trying to figure out what is causing this hold up. The only other answer I’ve found is that port 80 might not be allowing RTMP outbound traffic. Did you run into this problem?

    • also brad says:

      My name is also Brad, and I am having the exact same problem as above Brad. I have been successful streaming to youtube, livestream, ustream…but cant figure out facebook. I’m on a TC40. have tried with and without fb password, manually typing in the stream key, also tried it with a secure connection port 440(i think) but got an error message that way from TC.

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    […] this blog post on how to connect your TriCaster to Facebook Live […]

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